Corona - in english

Here you can read the latest news about corona on Åland.


Traffic to Kapellskär three days a week

Rosella will start operating from Mariehamn to Kapellskär on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting next week. The ship will only carry goods.

New directives for patients and visitors to the hospital

ÅHS has updated its guidelines for patients and visitors to the hospital.

Verified social infection on Åland

The Government physician Knut Lönnroth announced during Friday's press conference that there is now a verified community infection on Åland.

Åland Island Government ready to take care of transport to the west

Unless the issue of transports to the west can be resolved before next week, the Government must ensure that the transports are in place.

Five positive corona cases in Åland

Five people have been tested positive for covid-19 in Åland.

Four people on Åland have Corona Virus

A total of four people on Åland have now been found to be infected by the corona virus.

Corona: Now also on Åland

Two corona cases are confirmed on Åland.

"Intensive care facilities are enough"

- The intensive care facilities are sufficient.

Everyone in year 1-3 can receive schooling

As of Monday, all primary school pupils in grades 1-3 can, if necessary, receive teaching as well as local education, ie in school.